lunedì 31 dicembre 2012

Mayor update to the shack!

In the last three months some new radios comes to the shack! Let me present the new entries:

  • ICOM IC-7200

This is really a G-R-E-A-T Radio!!

- HF and 6m SSB-CW-RTTY-AM (no FM at all, no chat in 10 and 6m, too serious radio for this)
- 100 W power out (no problem for QRP: power may go don to 2 Watts)
- Rugged style, heavy weight, splashproof, looks similar to military manpacks
- Digital IF DSP, 3 different user selectable settings
- Manual and auto Notch filter
- Direct connection to PC USB port!!! (no need for CI-V, modems, cables and other junk)
- Simple to use, no bells-and-whistles
- Simple settings

Fantastic, for me is Nr. 1!

  • Polmar Wild

In my neighbor 2 meters FM activity seems to awake again  after a while. I spend many hours of the day in my car because my job is far from home (sigh....), and I've bought a vehicular VHF radio.
This radio is identical to TYT TH-9000, Polmar is an Italian brand who sells this radio with two-years warranty and local servicing, at a price almost identical to the "original" chinese sellers (if you don't believe, look at ebay and see!)

- Small and light, big heater sink
- Cheap and simple to use
- 60 W power out in 136-174 coverage
- Usable as ham operator and LMR (CTCSS, DCS, 2 tones, 5 tones, password to protexct settings, etc.)
- Compander! (really, this radio have a compander, I'don't believe it)
- Fully PC programmable with an optional USB cable
- DTMF and multi-function microphone (looks very smart)

- Compander: sure, the compander is great in TX and for weak signals, but in regular traffic with your neighbors running 50 watts and 0,5 km of QRB....Is not possible via menu and prog to activate the compander in TX only, I'll search a mod....
- Manual: NO COMMENT!, very few functions are documented....I agree that the radio is simple and may be used without manual, but .....anyway, you MUST download the TYT manual and software for programming this rig, see the this page on the 'net: for donloading.

Despite to the manual, this is a very good radio for the buck!

  •  Autophon Radiovox SE-155 (Ascom SE-155)

OK, after a dream radio, let's go to some different job: I've found on the Bay a very cheap surplus. I've bought for fun mods on 2 meters band. Stay tuned for following chapters

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