giovedì 9 agosto 2012

Cheap Kenwood ACC connector

I need an ACC 6 pin connector for my Kenwood TS-50:

The connector seems very similar to ATX power supply connector (the power supply of the modern Personal Computers):

When I'm approaching to do some saw wors to cut six pins from the 20-pins connector, I've found that the LDG ATU cable for Kenwood rigs have only FOUR pins connected:
Looking at Kenwood docs, I've found that the two left pins (Transceiver side...) are the lower not connected and the upper connected at a signal ground. If LDG thinks that the signal ground is of little or no use, I'll follow the boss! I use the 4 pins in the detachable section of the connector (lower in ATX conn. image)

A little work with a screwdriver blade (light and softly!!!) in the middle of pins and...VOILA'! The connector is found for free!

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