venerdì 24 agosto 2012

TS-50 to LDG Z-100 plus connecting cable

Using the infos gathered on the net and showed in my previous post, I'm ready to build a quick-and-dirty cable.

Purpose of the cable:
- DC supply the LDG tuner from TS-50 ACC connector
- enabling the "AT TUNE" button on TS-50

The sketch below shows the circuit (press to enlarge). The ACC conncetor is shown radio side.

The TT and TS lines are connected together via a 3.3 Kohm resistor. The + and - lines are connected to LDG power conenctor via a 1 A fuse on the NEGATIVE path of supply lines.The ACC connector used is a PC surplus connector as shown elsewhere in my blog.

The final result is in the photo below:

Ok, seems like a sort of wire patchwork (green, white, black, red, yallow....) but IT WORKS!

Using the tuner with this cable is simple:

- Press TUNE button on LDG
- Press AT TUNE button on TS-50
- Wait for a match
- REMEMBER to shutdown the carrier pressing again AT TUNE on TS-50

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