mercoledì 2 gennaio 2013

Building a 1/1 Current (Choke) Balun

Another simple useful device: 1:1 current balun, used as a choke for RF suppression. I've built this balun following this site:,%20current%20choke,%20choke%20balun,%2050%20ohm%2011.htm

The core is an FT140-43 toroid and the winding is made of RG-174 coax cable. On antenna side I added a 10kohm - 1W resistor in parallel between cold and hot connector of the PL for static suppresion. The final result is here:

SWR with 50 ohm dummy load is 1:1 160-10 meters, on 6 meters SWR is better than 1.5:1. At this time I've not tested the balun on the air.

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