mercoledì 2 gennaio 2013

Building a 4/1 Current (Guanella) Balun

I need a 4/1 balun for feeding balanced antennas, such as Up-and-Outer (my preferred antenna) or M3KXZ 'no counterpoise' antenna.

I've built one following the instruction found on this link:

I use a single core, FT140-43 toroid, enclosed in a little black box, using two "banana" binding posts for wire and panel female BNC for feeding.

The result:

Another photo: Box closed and added 32mm diam. clip for fishing pole locking

Very simple to build! Results: VERY VERY VERY good! I.E. North Patagonia on 15m with 2.5 W using up-and-outer antenna! See

I've not used this device on 80 or 160 meters but the performance expected is not so good. I've tested the balun in 6m but the performance are very poor!

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