venerdì 3 febbraio 2012

Racal ANT-129 tripod support

I've built a more stable support for my military antenna. The support is made with a almost square slice of steel tube, a gift from Mimmo IZ8SQL, which had also the main idea of the support (TNX Mimmo!). Other items may be easily found in any hardware shop.

Parts needed:
  • nr. 1 slice of square steel tube, approx 5cmx5cmx5cm
  • nr. 1 inox bolt M10x20 (10mm dia x 20 mm lenght)
  • nr. 1 "big" 10mm nut (lenght approx 3 cm
  • nr. 1 20mm electrician grey PVC coupler
  • nr. 2 10mm washers
  • nr. 1 banana female connector
Drill three holes in the square tube:

Mount the banana connector, the bolt and the big nut on the support:

Cut the PVC coupler to the same lenght of the big nut. Cover the nut with a few layers of electrician tape: in this way the nut fits snugly in the coupler. Mount the coupler with the help of a rubber hammer. The final result, before painting, is this:

The support varnished, ready to operation:

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