venerdì 3 febbraio 2012

K2S: An Yaesu FT-817 Knee Support

It's very fun to going around in /P with an FT-817, few meters of wire and a fishing pole! I often sit on a rock or on a little foldable chair and have many nice QSO with the little radio standing on my knee.

But in this way the DC connector is stressed, and obviously my DC conector was broken soon (the connector on the radio, soldered in SMD to main printed board.....sigh!!). Very disappointing indeed.

OK, let's resolve the problem: I've built K2S (KISS Knee Support), which is used to avoid stress to DC cable while the FT-817 stand on knee.

Is very ugly and simple, but it works! Ia a piece of plywood cutted to fit the two "wings" on the back right side of the radio. Near the end of plywood i glue a slice of cork wine bottle cap to support on the left side of radio, geting me able to use the rear PL connector,

This is K2S, with the measures...very ugly!

A more clear draw:

K2S in action!

Looking closer...

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